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LinQPro Referral Management System delivers innovative features to help medical practices optimize patient care, improve provider communications, increase patient retention, decrease administrative costs, and increase profitability.

LinQPro Features


Using Linqpro to connect and collaborate results in:

  • Better quality and safer patient care
  • Timely communication of pertinent patient records
  • Improved access to specialty care
  • Less delays and lapses in needed care
  • Increased provider (both referring and referred-to) satisfaction
  • Reduced unnecessary referrals
  • Improved patient confidence and retention

Linqpro empowers your practice to streamline and optimize care coordination. Intuitive design, decision support tools, and actionable analytics improve and facilitate provider-to-provider communication and collaboration. Your patients benefit with better overall quality, safer care, and improved access to the specialty care they need.

LinQPro Features


Growing a physician practice or network is an ongoing challenge in today’s increasingly complex and competitive market. Patient loyalty and retention, declining patient bases, improper utilization of services, and administrative costs are all obstacles to growth. The biggest obstacle today is patient “leakage”, which refers to patients going outside of their provider network. With Linqpro, you can build and optimize your physician network to capture patient referrals while minimizing patient leakage.

user-friendly Linqpro reduces redundant and costly administrative tasks. The system allows for organic growth, which decreases your marketing and advertising costs. Less waste through duplicate testing and unnecessary referrals keep network costs down.
LinQPro Features

Patient Care

Improved care integration:

System allows for streamlined care coordination and improved communication and facilitated collaboration between providers, which means better overall quality and safer patient care

Improved patient satisfaction:

Patients experience management continuity of their conditions with timely follow-up on referrals and the knowledge that physicians are all on the same page, which means more patient confidence in providers.

Improved therapeutic relationship:

Better communication and collaboration builds trust between patient and provider, which increases patient loyalty and retention.

Improved access to specialty care:

Referral tools decrease wait times to see a specialist and result in less unnecessary or unwanted referrals, which means less delays and lapses in needed care.

LinQPro Features

Referral Management


71% of clinicians who use an electronic referral system find it provides guidance for pre-consultation evaluation


89% say that it makes referral tracking easier


Improved access for patients by decreasing wait times up to 90%

Decrease Cost:

Decreased administrative costs


Improved provider collaboration

LinQPro Features


Our technology uses real-time analytics for tracking, managing and analyzing patient referrals. More about LinQPro technology:

  • Designed from an analytics perspective
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant
  • The program can function as an independent platform
  • Flexible integration with most EHRs using HL7 or available APIs
  • Powerful search capability
  • Decision support tool provides availability of specialists and urgency indicator
  • Relevant referral information shared via computer application or secure FAX
  • Comprehensive database with provider directory, subspecialties, and insurance plan information

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