Linqpro is a user-friendly web-based referral management tool that delivers innovative features to help medical practices optimize patient care and gain your patients’ confidence, trust, and loyalty.



Traditional Referral Process:

Frustrated because you did not receive key patient information prior to a consultation? Does your administrative staff spend too much time dealing with referral paperwork or follow-up? Still unsure of the outcome of a patient whom you referred? Your frustrations are not unique. There are many problems reported with traditional manual referral processes:

  • Cumbersome
  • Frequent miscommunication
  • Redundant and reactive work
  • Inefficient specialty visits
  • Unnecessary specialty visits
  • Provider dissatisfaction
  • Fragmented care

The Problem:

The traditional manual referral process results in uncoordinated care, which causes patient and provider frustration and anxiety, increased inefficiencies and costs and diminished health outcomes.

The Facts:

  • 25% of patients test results and records from one provider do not reach another provider in time for appointment
  • More than 50% of referring physicians require more information than what is provided by the specialist
  • 26% of patients receive conflicting information from providers

The LinQPro Solution:

With its intuitive design, decision support, and actionable analytics, the LinQPro seamless referral management process is easy as 1,2,3.

STEP 01: Create Referral Request

Physician or staff member creates referral request in LinQPro system guided by a decision support tool providing comprehensive guide of specialty physicians and availability timelines.

STEP 02: Request Sent/Received

Referral request with relevant patient records are sent via computer application, email, or fax and receiving physician is notified

STEP 03: Track, Manage, Analyze

The LinQPro Action Board allows users to track, manage, and analyze referrals through their lifecycle. Providing an at-a-glance visual status of all referrals in the system, the user can easily take action on any referral at any stage providing better care coordination and patient follow up.

How Your Practice & Your Patients Benefit:

  • 71% of clinicians who have used an electronic referral system find it provides guidance for pre-consultation evaluation
  • 89% say that it makes referral tracking easier
  • Improve access for patients by decreasing wait times up to 90%
  • Decreased administrative costs
  • Improved provider collaboration

Hospital CRM

Creating a Personalized Experience from Start to Finish:

A comprehensive and professional software service like Linqpro CRM can capture crucial data, placing it at the fingertips of the medical professional from the beginning of the journey all the way until the end.

When patients feel their needs and concerns are being heard and taken seriously, they are more active participants in their own health journey.

Demystifying the Financials through Patient and Insurance Collaboration:

Implementing a CRM like Linqpro’s Hospital CRM benefits both patients and insurance companies. All of the data, including forms and records, are in one central location. Both patients and the insurance company can access the relevant records without toggling between multiple programs or systems

The Patient Journey:

The patient journey begins before the patient ever even visits the healthcare facility and ends well after the patient has returned home. Before the visit, the patient may need assistance with: –

  • Finding or identifying the correct healthcare practitioner
  • Scheduling an appointment online or by phone
  • Filling out forms or supplying previous records or medications

Hospital CRMs like Linqpro can make the connections between patients, healthcare providers, and insurance companies as well as tie in electronic health records (EHR) for a patient journey that continuously improves the healthcare experience. To learn more about how Linqpro can be your partner in creating a positive patient journey each and every time, contact us for a demo request.

Realizing Referral Potential:

Efficiently Capturing Every Medical Referral:

Acquiring and retaining patient referrals is more of a challenge than ever before. However, healthcare facilities can create strong growth with the right medical referral tools. Perhaps the most important way to nurture a growing practice into a thriving one is by implementing a powerful tool like Linqpro Referral. Manual referral processes result in uncoordinated care, causing patient and provider frustration and anxiety, increased inefficiencies and costs, and diminished health outcomes

Reducing Leakage :

Patient leakage occurs when patients go elsewhere to continue or complete their patient journey. Providers may lose between 30-60% of their patients through leakage. This results in significant revenue losses, especially after investing in generating records and collecting data. An effective medical referral system like Linqpro can streamline the onboarding process for patients and create a centralized digital record that eliminates many of the reasons that patients leave a healthcare practice. Not only does Linqpro drive new inbound referrals, but it also helps offices create accurate and informed records that enhance the comfort and trust of patients, leading to greater retention.

Communication Leads to Greater Patient Retention :

An effective patient referral tool goes beyond simply directing patients to a healthcare practice. Linqpro is user-friendly and reduces duplications and redundancies that clog up administrative workflow. By implementing Linqpro, staff can reach out to new and existing patients more effectively, establishing a relationship, building trust, and cultivating loyalty. Using Linqpro to connect and collaborate results in:

  • Better quality and safer patient care
  • Timely communication of pertinent patient records – Improved access to specialty care
  • Fewer delays and lapses in needed care – Increased provider (both referring and referred-to) satisfaction
  • Reduced unnecessary referrals
  • Improved patient confidence and retention

Intuitive design, decision support tools, and actionable analytics improve and facilitate provider-to-provider communication and collaboration. Your patients benefit from better overall quality, safer care, and improved access to the specialty care they need. A patient will stay with the practice because they feel valued and not just a number. To learn more about how Linqpro can help you create and maintain an effective referral process, contact us for a demo request.

Everything Admissions:

Making the Most of the Patient Admission Process:

Capturing crucial data and creating a positive experience during the patient admission process sets the patient and healthcare providers on the path to effective, positive outcomes. A comprehensive CRM platform like Linqpro sets the stage for successful, data-rich admissions. Think of the admissions process as the foundation of a home. When a contractor cuts corners or skips key steps, the foundation may appear to be complete but will result in structural issues later on. Rushing through the admissions part of the patient journey without capturing all of the data leaves weak points and prevents a practice from realizing its full potential.

Track your Patient Admissions:

Tracking patient admissions creates a more positive patient experience for several reasons. Many healthcare facilities operate on extraordinarily slim margins, and facilitating how patients’ flow’ through the healthcare system from admissions to beyond can ensure that patients receive the healthcare they need without compromising safety, personal attention, or appropriate treatment.

Analyzing Your Expected Admission Rate vs. Actual:

In addition to tracking the individual patient, hospitals can monitor admissions data over time, allowing them to respond appropriately with staffing and administration. This data collection leads to continuous improvement and a significant reduction in waste. Electronic health records (EHR) are key to understanding current hospital efficiency and thereby improving care by decreasing the length of stay. Accurate data collection at the point of admissions helps provide a better quality experience for the patient and can reduce the rates of readmissions. Many hospitals pay significant penalties for readmissions of patients that occur within a specified time frame. Utilizing a program like Linqpro that collects admission data in a centralized dashboard can therefore result in a positive return on the investment in a relatively short period of time.

Scheduling Patient Admissions for Positive Outcomes:

Patients are seeking improved quality of care at the same time that many hospitals are under significant pressure to reduce costs and waste. By collecting the appropriate and complete data and matching it with available resources, hospitals are better positioned to admit the patients that best fit the available resources, as well as determine the best path for those patients who do not match the available resources on hand. Linqpro can immediately identify which patients should be admitted and which can be safely redirected to other resources for a better care fit.

Lapses in data collection during admissions can have costly consequences for healthcare facilities and hospitals and can directly impact the outcome of the patient journey. Implementing the proper tools to match patient data with on-hand capabilities ensures that the patient receives optimal care while preserving the integrity of the cost margin. To learn more about how Linqpro can streamline the admissions process and put your facility on the road to success, contact us for a demo request.

Data Tracking in Hospital Patient CRM:

Streamlining Workflow for Measurable Outcomes:

With increasingly tight margins and rising expectations when it comes to healthcare quality, errors, poor data collection, and failure to track can all add up to costly problems in more ways than one. Hospitals are increasingly turning to customer resource management (CRM) tools to combat these issues in an effort to streamline the workflow. The good news is that CRMs can be an extremely effective tool. Linqpro has designed a hospital CRM that efficiently addresses these critical issues.

Improving Your Overall Efficiency:

Effective data collection is key to improving efficiency. Paper files and printed documents are far more prone to error or incomplete data. Consistently collecting complete data leads to more informed decision-making at the meta-level and also ensures that patients do not slip through the cracks because of crucial missing information. Linqpro’s Hospital CRM creates opportunities to meet patients’ needs in more convenient and dynamic ways by eliminating extra steps and inefficiencies so that providers can simply focus on delivering care.

Improving Customer Service:

Patients are also customers, and matching them with the wrong services can result in poor outcomes in several ways, including:

  • Unnecessary care or testing, resulting in additional costs to the facility, the patient, or the insurance company
  • Incomplete care that does not adequately address the patient’s needs
  • Mismanaging resources by improperly diverting care
  • Creating dangerous care outcomes through a lack or breakdown in communication

Linqpro’s Hospital CRM platform provides a central location that allows all of the healthcare professionals who encounter the patient along their journey to access the appropriate data to make informed decisions and ensure the patient receives the right resources, leading to increased patient satisfaction. Improving visibility throughout the patient journey builds invaluable trust and results in lasting, strengthened relationships.

Measuring Workflow Outcomes :

Hospitals operate within administrative and regulatory parameters that create complex systems. Without adequate data communication across all systems, patient care suffers. A CRM like Linqpro can provide the unifying link that effectively provides data immediately and error-free to every department and system involved with the patient journey. Proper and complete data collection and interpretation create a smoother and more efficient workflow. CRMs also provide immediately accessible data that reliably measure workflow outcomes to offer opportunities for driving continuous improvement of the processes.

Linqpro is a user-friendly web-based referral management tool that delivers innovative features to help medical practices optimize patient care and gain your patients’ confidence, trust, and loyalty. Linqpro Referral Management and Linqpro Hospital CRM are invaluable tools that provide your practice or healthcare system with the missing link through innovation. It empowers you to easily manage, track and analyze patient referrals and the patient journey throughout each complete lifecycle, all within one system.

To learn more about how Linqpro’s Referral Management and Hospital CRM tools create a centralized place for data-driven efficiency and improved workflow outcomes, contact us for a demo request.

Skreen Pro

Electronic Health Assessment tool (EHAT):

EHAT is designed to meet preventive care standards. EHAT helps the practice and the physician to understand the patients’ health better.

How it works:

  • Patients will be taking this assessment on a ipad (currently paper based), as they would help,
    1. Record keeping easier
    2. Eliminate manual errors
    3. Quick top-level view of patient assessment
    4. When they last took it or when they should be taking it the next time.
  • This process will not be more than 5 minutes,
  • Patients will be taking this assessment on a ipad along with other paper work or in the waiting room.
  • Once the patients are done, this report will be electronically sent to the physician for review.
  • Physician would review this questionnaire(report) with the patient in the exam room and will do the needful to take care of the patient’s health.
  • A copy will also be emailed to the patient once the questionnaire is submitted.
  • Certain tests will be repeated periodically depending on the nature and specialty. (PHQ9 is done with a internal of 6 months)

How EHAT helps Patients:

  • Helps to understand the patient’s general overview of their health status and help to detect disease or risk factors early.
  • Many of us are living without any idea that we have a serious health issue, which at most cases can be cured when diagnosed at early stages.
  • Reduced health risks & better mental health
  • Improved performance

How EHAT helps the Practice:

  • New/more patient visits
  • More revenue
  • EHAT is billable that will be paid by Medicare and all commercial insurances.
  • No extra resource needed (like office space or MA’s or additional staff)
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